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Reflecting on an incredible week at the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Conference in Stockholm!

GSTC Sustainable Tourism Conference

Reflecting on an incredible week at the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Conference in Stockholm! I came away feeling super inspired by the fantastic line-up of experts in the industry and the incredible people I met in attendance.

The conference’s theme was #PurposefulTravel which was discussed throughout many thought-provoking panels.

When discussing what purposeful travel means, Fredrik Reinfeldt from Visita mentioned it’s about seeking answers such as what we experience feel, taste and smell, a form of travel which takes us out of our comfort zone and expands our horizons.

In a panel discussion with Juliet Kinsman, Condé Nast Traveller, Emma Björner, University of Gothenburg, and Milena S. Nikolova, BehaviorSMART, one question in particular resonated with me – How do we talk about sustainability without talking about sustainability?

It’s a question I am often asked in my line of work, where the challenge lies in weaving sustainability seamlessly into narratives without feeling forced.

Storytelling was a popular topic throughout the conference and each conversation reminded me of the importance of creating impactful content to inspire others to embrace sustainability.

We discussed how using the right tone of voice and not just telling but SHOWING is key to authenticity.


– The welcome dinner (or should I say banquet!) at Stockholm City Hall in the Golden Hall, famous for its Nobel Prize ceremonies.

– The farewell dinner in the incredible Vasa Museum where we dined beside the famous Vasa Warship (the most popular attraction in Sweden) that sank in 1628 and found in 1956. A remarkable 98% was preserved after over 300 years below water.

– All food served throughout the conferance was vegan/vegetarian to have a mimimal impact on the environment.

– Finally, on day 4, a boat tour of Stockholm with Ecosightseeing / Candela aboard the historical vessel SYLVIA which was involved in the Normandy invasion in 1944. Today she runs on zero-emissions, electrically converted.

Thank you to everyone from GSTC, Royal Djurgarden, Visit Sweden & VisitStockhom for organising!

Feeling grateful for the opportunity to delve into these discussions and connect with fellow change makers!

What do you struggle with the most when communicating your sustainability efforts?


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