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Don’t be left stuck in 2020! Why building stronger brands is essential for success in 2021

Building Strong Brands- essential for success in 2021

2020 is finally coming to an end, and as a business owner, you cannot help but reflect on the year that has passed – where is your business now and where do you want it to be? We all underestimated how difficult adapting to a new way of working would be. COVID-19 has changed the world and disrupted how we do business. Face-to-face meetings quickly switched to online calls which have forced us to consider new ways of engaging with clients and winning more work. 

With the possibility of further lockdowns in the new year, there has never been a better time to adapt and stand out. Those who have already embraced these new ways of working are in the best position to win more work next year. So, how can YOU drive value for your construction business?

If branding is something you’ve not really done or thought about before, it can seem like a daunting task because of its importance, but if you know your business, it merely requires a little time and dedication. 

Broadly, branding simply refers to how your customers and the world perceives and experiences your business. It’s important that it’s consistent throughout all mediums and communications and that it accurately reflects the message and voice that you want to convey. 

How can you grab the attention of your audience to communicate your value and ensure you don’t get left behind?- because let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck in 2020!

1. Talk directly to your audience.

Knowing your audience is key to building a brand, and the construction industry thrives on building and maintaining relationships. Your stakeholders are all members of your audience, so your brand needs to appeal to all of them. When creating your marketing strategy, think about your ‘Tone of Voice’ and the language your audience would engage with. Instil this through all of your communications (both internal and external). 

2. Make sure your employees know your message.

Just because you know your business inside out, it doesn’t mean that all of your employees do. Every member of your team should be your brand ambassadors. They should be familiar with your vision, mission and values. Keeping your branding consistent across all communications is essential to building a unique voice and earning your clients’ trust. If your employees are experts in the industry and represent all the things that your brand values, anyone who comes into contact with your business will build up an accurate picture of who you are. Consider developing a brand book that inspires and helps keep people in your company aligned with the purpose or core values. Accompanying this with brand guidelines will help the people inside and outside of your company who use your visual brand assets, to use them consistently and correctly. 

3. Deliver your message clearly and accurately.

So, you know what you want to say and what makes your business the best in the industry, but how do you make clients understand that? Consider the first things that your audience see. It may be a logo or video or even a social media account. Ensure that all of these things accurately communicate with the message that you want to send. What does your social media say about you? Is your company profile correctly branded and consistent across all channels? Does it match the content on your website? Social media is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with your audience and community. However, you will not get new business straight away. Give your audience time to understand the services you provide and develop trust in your brand. The construction industry is becoming increasingly more competitive, so you need to think about what you can do better than your competitors and communicate this across all of your marketing material to drive value.

4. Tell your story.

There is no better way to personify your business than to tell its story. The most successful companies are those that we can relate to. If it’s possible to interview the business founder or Managing Director, think about producing a video of them telling the story of the business highlighting your value. You now have a rich piece of content that can be used anywhere on your website and of course, on your social media channels. When a customer is trying to get to know a business on a personal level, the About section of the website will often be the first place they’ll go, so where better to tell them exactly who you are, why you exist and how you can help them?

5. Invest in your website.

Meeting clients face-to-face is harder now more than ever. Your website will very often act as that first ‘meeting’ between you and your clients. Think of your website as your shop window and ensure that your brand values are immediately visible. Make sure that your message is once again clear and concise. Let your core values shine through all copy and imagery. It is important to share success stories by regularly adding case studies. Pay close attention to why your latest project has been a success, include eye-catching imagery, technical information and statistics to highlight the value you delivered. Keep things looking fresh and clean and present your copy in small, easy-to-digest chunks. A well-designed, easy-to-use website subconsciously instils trust in your capability to provide a quality service, so it’s always worth the investment. Start here >>>

6. Your people are your greatest asset.

You will have spent time cultivating the very best people to work for you, and they are a huge part of your brand, so it would be silly not to show them off. Consider personal branding, where an individual or team are highlighted and marketed as experts in the industry. Having these experts in your team may secure you higher rates on jobs that you bid for – your clients will want reassurance that the job can be done right! Your teams’ expertise also makes you unique and creates a personal connection that will position you high above the competition during the bidding process. Training younger employees to become future experts ensures that your company has a consistent conveyor belt of people that will give your clients the very best service possible for as long as your company exists.


A great brand isn’t something that materialises overnight. If you do not have the expertise in-house, invest in the knowledge and skills of others to ensure you are prepared for 2021 and so you can concentrate on running your business. Adapt to the new normal and don’t get left behind in 2020! Project Five Creative work with construction companies across the UK to help them develop winning work strategies. We understand you and we understand the sector. We can help transform your construction business into a brand that makes you stand out and communicate your value through a variety of services. Whether you need a story to be told, a website to be re-designed, new imagery to get your message across or just some help defining what your 2021 strategy should be, start a conversation with us!

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