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Palácio Ludovice Hotel, Lisbon: A Blend of History and Contemporary Design

Phase Creative recently completed a project in Lisbon with the Palácio Ludovice Wine Experience Hotel, creating a promotional video and professional photographs for their website and social media. With the project underway, we delved deep into the hotel’s story and thought it was too good not to share. So here’s a dive into the hotel’s fascinating renovation and its history.

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Historical Roots

The hotel was originally the residence of João Federico Ludovice, an 18th-century architect to King João V. The transformation, overseen by renowned architect Miguel Câncio Martins, merged 18th-century features with modern design maintaining as much as possible from the original construction.

The Building’s Resilience & Restoration Journey

Remarkably, the building was one of the only to remain intact in the city after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake due to the forward-thinking of Ludovice, later serving as an architectural blueprint for rebuilding significant parts of the city.

In 2022, this palace opened its doors again, officially transformed into Palácio Ludovice Wine Hotel. For over six years, the hotel underwent a detailed renovation. Despite challenges, including the pandemic, the €35 million-plus project saw over 3,000 original tiles meticulously removed, restored and returned to their original spots.

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Notable Discoveries

The building holds the title of a “building of National interest,” (grade-listed building). An archaeological highlight during its renovation was the excavation of a 4,000-year-old skeleton, a significant find in Lisbon’s history – possibly the oldest ever recorded in the city!

Sustainability Focus

The hotel’s sustainability initiatives are in line with its motto, “Where history meets luxury around a glass of wine.” They emphasise natural and cultural preservation and contribute to the local community. Regular events feature local wine producers, and the Federico restaurant prioritises locally-sourced ingredients. The thick, historic walls of the building also naturally regulate temperature, conserving energy.

A Recommendation

Here at Phase Creative we are so excited to bring this project to life, capturing the essence of Palácio Ludovice Hotel in our upcoming video and photographs.

 If you’re ever in Lisbon and have an appreciation for architecture, we recommend experiencing this unique blend of history and contemporary design firsthand, or at least consider visiting the Federico restaurant for a mix of Portuguese and French dishes.

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