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The Crucial Role of Beach Clean-ups: Focusing on SDG Goal 14

crosby beach clean

Ahead of our FFT beach clean event next week, I thought it might be helpful to shed some light on why this is such an important event and why YOU should get involved too.

While global actions are being made to reforest our oceans, it’s imperative that we turn our attention to our coastlines, the immediate gateways to our vast oceans. The visible impact of human activity is evident on beaches worldwide, in the form of litter. Ensuring these coastal areas remain pristine is not just an aesthetic priority but holds broader implications for marine ecosystems, local economies, and our communities. So, why should you and I grab a bag and start picking it up?

10 Fundamental Benefits:

1. Marine Life Conservation: Thousands of marine animals die annually by the waste that ends up in our oceans.  Clean-ups reduce these dangers, ensuring a safer environment.

2. Environmental preservation: A litter-free beach is inviting and signifies our dedication to the environment. Its upkeep ensures it remains an attraction and sanctuary for all.

3. Water Quality Control: Cigarette butts, though small, are notorious for their polluting properties. Their removal is a direct step towards purer, cleaner coastal waters. Did you know that by picking up 10 cigarette butts your saving nearly 800 litres of water from being contaminated?

4. Boosting Local Economies: Tourism and fishing are economic lifelines for many coastal towns. By maintaining clean beaches, we enhance the appeal, leading to increased tourism and better fishing opportunities.

5. Safe environment: Amongst the sands lie hidden threats like sharp objects. Regular clean-ups ensure these are removed, making the beach a safer space for everyone.

6. Optimizing Waste Management: Being hands-on with clean-ups allows us to segregate and dispose of waste properly, promoting recycling and environmentally friendly disposal methods.

7. Ensuring Healthier Marine Produce: A clean ocean ensures a decrease in contaminated seafood, leading to safer consumption and better health metrics.

8. Generating Insights: Regular clean-ups provide invaluable data regarding pollution trends.

9. Community Engagement and Awareness: Organised beach clean-ups serve as platforms for community engagement, spreading awareness and inspiring collaboration.

10. Networking Opportunities: Beach cleans allows for networking with professionals who share environmental concerns, potentially leading to partnerships, collaborations, or new ventures. 

To wrap up, beach clean-ups are more than just community activities. As professionals, recognising and acting upon this can lead to significant socio-economic and environmental benefits. Whether you’re a local resident or an occasional visitor, participating in a beach clean-up is a valuable contribution to our planet’s well-being. 

Crosby beach clean & networking- you’re invited!

Join us and the local charity ‘Friends of Crosby Beach’ on the 25th of October at 2pm for an opportunity to make a real social impact. Network with other professionals while dedicating an afternoon to numerous good causes -our local sea life, local economy, and ongoing sustainability!

With this being a community event we have opened this up to everyone, even your dog is welcome 🙂 so what are you waiting for?

Register here (your ticket includes a £5 donation to the charity):

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